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Friday, January 11, 2008

TAARE ZAMEEN PAR- every parent must see the film

It’s Aamir Khan’s creation with an innovative thought which is very much realistic with sensible touch in every part of the film. A fantastic movie with deep thoughts reflects everywhere in the story and also in acting. It’s not only a touchy film but also gives lesson to the society, especially the parents who force their children to win the rat race anyway.

Castings are not so special. Except Aamir Khan others are not so renowned. Darsheel Safary, Tisca Chopra, M. K. Raina, Tanay Cheda, Sachet Engineer, Vipin Sharma are the other who played extremely well and watching the movie you find that they’re not looking that they’re acting…..everything is so realistic! Aamir undoubtedly played well with his strong acting ability. But the little one Darsheel Safary (named Ishaan Awasthi in the film) is really outstanding!

In the film Ishaan Awasthi suffers with Dyslexia, a mental disorder associated with learning disability. Previously no one guessed it and naturally the eight year old Ishaan had to suffer a lot whose world filled with wonders, colour, fish, dogs, kites which are not important in the present viable world. No body tried to understand that Ishaan is not like some other child who does not have any dilemma. Parents, teachers are only thinking about his poor marks but didn’t try to know his problem for a while. Aamir Khan (Ram Shankar Nikumbh in the film) played as Ishaan’s teacher who noticed the problem and at last solved it. He gave Ishaan a new life.

Unforgettable moment I’ve found in the film is the trauma of Ishaan’s separation from his family.

A film that can also show you a nice relationship of teacher and student. Every parent should watch it to know the fact that “every child is special”.

Congratulation Aamir for gifting us such a beautiful film that can melt everyone’s heart!


Blogger venkatesh said...

TZP is a fantastic movie to watch. Before watching the movie i was thinking that the movie would be a flop as there is no known character except Amir. But after watching it i've realized that how much i was wrong!.personally i believe the credit should goes to Darsheel for his dazzling performance.Every parents must see film. Especially i am grateful to Amir khan for presenting a stunning movie with real conception.

January 14, 2008 at 3:48 AM  

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