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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sanjay Dutt in Charles & I

Sanjay Dutt will be seen in the leading character in People Pictures forthcoming racy thriller Charles and I. The director of the movie Prawaal Raman tells the story of this enigmatic criminal who sent the police forces in half a dozen countries on a wild-goose chase.

Why Sanjay Dutt has been selected for the lead role, after asking the question the writer and director of Charles & I said "Charles is a complex character - a charming man with a dangerous mind and dangerous intentions. Finding the right actor who has the ability to exude all these qualities at the same time was a tough call. We were looking for an actor who radiates star power coupled with the finest acting prowess to portray Charles. The only actor in my opinion who fit that profile was Sanjay Dutt".

What Sanjay Dutt said? "It's a great role and I look forward to working on the film"

Aditya Shastri, CEO People Pictures, commenting on the project and the choice of the leading man says, "Sanjay Dutt is a terrific human being and a gifted actor who has the versatility to play diverse roles with unbeatable flair. Hence, we are very happy that he will be playing the lead role in Charles & I. This will be our first tent pole production and a very exciting project for us; we are working towards delivering an action packed, thrilling cat and mouse chase spanning 5 countries. The film takes us through the journey of two men. One who kills and cons people for pleasure and glory of being world famous and the other who will stop at nothing to bring the killer down. We are sure the audience will love it."


Anonymous riya said...

Charles is living and if anyone wants to make a film on his life then he definitely can demand money to give rights. He has been expending many years in jails for his crimes. All his crimes don’t subtract his right to charge money from people who want to earn by selling his life story. I think it will be very harmful for the society, because this type of character will also provide another villain in society.

May 8, 2008 at 11:01 PM  

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