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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dostana- movie Review

Dostana- a fully entertaining film which you can’t afford to miss. A must watch film by everyone, especially for the teenagers. You can say like “Dostana is a Full Paisa Vasool film.” Highly recommended! Karan Johar’s latest film directed by a debutant Tarun Mansukhani breaks all the rules which our industry follows and gives you a fully blown entertainer.

Love between two guys, a very unusual topic for bollywood films. Very interestingly Dostana doesn’t offend gay sex and also does not teach like other hindi movies where gays are portrayed as a disease to our society.

Now coming to the performances Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra all are extremely well. After a disappointing Drona Abhishek is back on track. Dostana has added another feather in his crown. His comic timing is just perfect in the film. John Abraham is just marvelous. His physiques, acting both are great in the movie. Priyanka Chopra is magnificent in both looks and performance. The scene where she is wearing the golden swimsuit…..just see the boys’ reaction! Surprisingly girls are also whistling!! Wow Priyanka! Both Kiron Kher and Boman Irani are also performed well in the movie.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahem...I what movie were gays portrayed as diseases? I think you have your facts wrong...

November 23, 2008 at 11:28 PM  

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