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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Superb Irfan in Billu Barbar

The movie Billu Barber is a story of a common person who escorts an extraordinary life.A remake of the Malayalam flick ‘Kadha Parayumbol’.One more supreme work of Priyadarshan.The story will surely steal your heart.Bilas Rao Pardesi(Irfan Khan) lives in a village with his wife Bindiya(Lara Dutta) and two sons.Life is bitter sweet but we can say it more sweet than bitter.By profession Billu is a barber but now a days his business isn’t running well.He has to face different difficulties due to bad commerce.One day a superstar came into his village to shoot a film and after that all things has been changed.

Life changed,friends changed,neighbours changed but one-man remains the same and the man is Billu himself. It’s a story that throbs with emotions. It tugs from within you love and sympathy for its titular protagonist, and it builds up suspense right to its fag end when floodgates open and you are overwhelmed by tear-jerking emotion.The luminary(SRK) is Billu’s child hood pal.The best moment of ‘Billu’ comes at the end, when Sahir Khan (SRK) recalls his childhood at a school function and Billu hears it from across a faraway fence and walks away after hearing it. His wife, who had been so eager to see Sahir, joins him. The movie doesn’t end there.But what follows is worth sitting the whole movie through.At last I can say a penniless barbar wins you over.



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