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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shiney and Esha in Hijack

Shiney Ahuja and Esha Deol have worked together in Kunal Shivdasani’s directed film ‘Hijack’ which is going to be released in Indian Cinema halls on coming 29th August. Hijack is an action thriller film. Shiney (named Vikram Madan in the film) playing a role of ground maintenance engineer who is a father of a daughter. The film is full of thriller and exciting drama about how a father could save his daughter (Named Priya here) who has got trapped in an airplane hijacked by a group of 6 terrorists.

Action director Allan Amin has guided Shiney all through the movie with many nerve biting stunts. All the stunts have been done by Shiney himself as they required close-ups.

Esha Deol (named Saira in the movie) is playing the role of an airhostess. The movie portrays how Esha helps Shiney plotting, planning and killing the terrorists one by one. The mastermind of this group is a man named Abdullah who remains a mystery till the end. The film ends with Vikram succeeding to save Priya. Saira who takes a bullet to save Priya is whisked away to the hospital and we also reveal who Abdullah is.



Anonymous Ruf N Tuf said...

We hv seen many films like Hijack before in bollywood so i m not going 2 see this movie.

August 6, 2008 at 10:24 PM  

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