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Friday, March 20, 2009

BARAH AANA is in different league

Ad maker Raja Menon directs this pleasantry movie.Unusual but has a strong realistic to current mumbai’s living condition.You can say it’s an administrative film debut by the flawless ad maker.
The movie tells the story about three unlikely friends who have dissimilar viewpoint and attitude towards life.Movie lost momentum in first half but it take speed in second half with many tensed scenes.
Pre-climax has been handled nimbly; conversely, those climax scenes need more explanations to prove reliability.Strong star cast is the major plus point in this movie.All acted well to their perfection.

A driver,a watchman and a waiter are the main characters.Nasiruddin sab plays the old man role, stoic but reliable.Vijoy Raaz plays watchman character yadav, outstanding performance to till date.Waiter Aman is young,swaggering and ambitious.Yadav believes crime is the only way to earn huge money with ease.He consistently try to entice the rest two to follow his path.As time goes they became curious and take part into the famous cat and dog race.


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Blogger Kyle N. said...

Nice write up, I am oblivious to the Bollywood movie scene but as it gains more and more popularity I want to check it out.

March 24, 2009 at 2:29 PM  

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