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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

‘Jab we met now Milenge Milenge’

After the mega hit movie ‘Jab we met’,the parted off screen couple who are now very popular as on screen couple is in Satish Kaushik’s upcoming Bollywood movie Milenge Milenge.Though the movie has been in the making since 2005.Kareena Kapoor,ex-girlfriend of Sahid Kapur has enough faith to recreate the ‘Jab We Met’ again.

"I know people have expectations from us individually and as a pair.And they won't be disappointed.It's a very sweet film.And not dated at all though it got delayed. I'm as proud of 'Milenge Milenge' as I am of any of my films," Kareena told.

She confronted that she isn’t reliable for the delay.She had been trying hard to complete dubbing before she leaves for New York.

"We're all professionals here.For me it doesn't matter who the leading man in 'Milenge Milenge' is.For me what is important is that I made a commitment to two of my favourite people in the industry - producer Boney Kapoor and director Satish Kaushik - who've stood by me from the beginning of my career.How can I let them down? Boney wants a summer release for his film. I've to complete my dubbing before I leave," said Kareena,who is now dating Chote Nawab.

"I'm running in and out of two dubbing studios. I've already completed most of the dubbing," she added.

'Milenge Milenge' is special because it will release after a long gap.They were last seen together in the hit flick ‘Jab We Met’.Naturally the hype is there in the audience to see this duo again.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Amir and SRK assemble

Bollywood superstars Amir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Get together to solve the producers-multiplex owner tussle over profit sharing.And both believes in an equality partnership.
"It should be a partnership of equality.Fifty percent sharing is fair.Distributors and exhibitors have to find a way to make it a viable business within their fifty percent. Within my fifty percent I have to make it profitable," Amir said at a press conference and added,"This is one industry and we all can survive only when each sector will earn a healthy share. We are here to find a solution to this,"
Mukesh Bhatt, Karan Johar and Ronnie Screwvala were present among others.
Shah Rukh Khan said that it would be better not to see the event as a “Power Show”. On a quote SRK said, "This is not a power show. We haven't gathered here to threaten multiplexes. It's a show of coming together," also felt sharing of revenue should be equal.

"We are here for fair rights for Friday nights," he affirms.

The squabble started between the producers and multiplexes on February. Moreover, after some botched discussions, the producers decided to go on strike. From April 4, they have stopped giving release rights of new big-budget movies.