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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aamir and Kareena in Raj Kumar Hirani’s Idiots

First time in Bollywood, Aamir and Kareena are going to work together in Raj Kumar Hirani’s film “Idiots”. Hirani’s next film is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘Five Point Someone’. Aamir Khan has been approached to do the film and now it seems Hirani is in talks with Kareena Kapoor to play the female lead opposite Aamir. Earlier Hirani has approached Shahrukh Khan to play the lead role and Shahrukh turned down the offer. Also he tried to encourage Kajol to work in his film, but as she is busy with another project of her husband ‘Ajay Devgan’ so she also turned down the offer. Hirani then decided to approach Kareena and sources claim “Kareena may just be working with Aamir. Last week, Kareena and Raju had a hush-hush meeting where he narrated her, the script of Idiots. Kareena is very excited about it.”


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shahrukh’s new venture ‘Spiderman’

Bollywood’s superstar’s new venture is ‘Spiderman’. Shahrukh Khan handed over Anubhav Sinha with the responsibility of directing the film under ‘Red Chillies production”. After getting six-pack abs to please his son, Bollywood superstar is now going for ‘Spiderman’.

“Yes, this is true. I am indeed going to direct this film which would be heavy on CGI and VFX. At this moment no decision has been taken on whether Shah Rukh Khan would be acting in the film or not as the script is still being finalized”, says Anubhav Sinha whose last release was Cash.

The film is going to be the India’s most expensive film ever. The approximate budget is about Rs.100 crore!

Anubhav Sinha also said “The film is obviously huge and there would be extensive pre-production required for it. Shah Rukh is getting some of the best technicians from the world to work on the project. When he makes a statement that the film has to match the standards set by Spiderman, I have to be continuously on my toes.”

A year ago, Shah Rukh said in an interview that he wanted his company to produce a mega FX film on the lines of Spiderman.

"I want my company Red Chillies to become truly FX-savvy. Have you seen 300? That is the kind of optical effects I want in our cinema".

Anubhav Sinha also said that this is not an animation movie, instead a live action film with real people.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sonu Sood as ‘Sujamal’

After the success coming with ‘Jodhaa Akbar’, along with Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the another person who’s acting is getting highly praised is nothing but Sonu Sood for his casting as Sujamal (Jodhaa’s brother in film). As per Sonu Sood it’s a phenomenal and tough character what he enjoyed to perform. Sonu Sood is quite happy after working with Hrithik, as he found Hrithik is very much professional and much talented actor.

How was your experience working with Aishwarya Bachchan? Are you looking forward to work with her as co-star? In one interview this question has been asked to Sonu Sood…..He replied “it was really great learning experience. We shared good rapport off screen and onscreen as well. Ashutosh explained the character quite clearly and confidently to Aishwarya and me. The bond of brother and sister is very important and when it comes portraying onscreen it becomes all the more momentous; it has to go in good flow. It's good to work with such professionals. I am certainly looking forward to such scripts to work with Aishwarya as a co-star (smilingly). It would be great working with her and Abhishek Bachchan again as I have already worked with Abhishek Bachchan in YUVA. Both are really good to work with.”


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rakesh Roshan’s next film ‘Krazzy 4’

The starting letter ‘K’ is quite lucky for Rakesh Roshan. After the big success of ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’, ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ and ‘Krrish’ his forthcoming film is ‘Krazzy 4’.

Rakesh Roshan handed over the directional responsibility to Jaideep Sen, who also worked with him in ‘Krrish’ and ‘Koi Mil Gaya’. The music of the film ‘Krazzy 4’ has been composed by Rajesh Roshan.

‘Krazzy 4’ is a comedy movie which has been characterized mainly on 4 people- Arshad Warsi as Raja, Irfan Khan as Dr. Mukherjee, Rajpal Yadav as Gangadhar and Suresh Menon as ‘Dabboo’. Besides the main 4 characters also Juhi Chawla is playing an important role as Dr. Sonali. Also Diya Mirza (as a TV reporter) and Zaakir Hussain (as Srivastava) are there. Zaakir Hussain is playing a negative role.

Rakesh Roshan said “Krazzy 4 has a star cast that I handpicked personally. The requirement was not for stars, but actors. I feel that if this film had stars, the expectations would have been very high. So Jaideep Sen, the director of Krazzy 4, and I consciously decided to select a stellar cast that would draw in the multiplex audience.”

‘Krazzy 4’ is one of the awaiting movies among other upcoming hindi movies, where we can expect to see something different.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Again Ram Gopal Verma with Sholay?

‘Aag’, Ram Gopal Verma’s attempt to make another ‘Sholay’ was a special flop. In a personal interview Mr. Verma agreed that. After keeping silence for few months Ram Gopal Verma said in an interview that "Yes, I agree 'Aag' was a special flop. The reason I didn't speak is because there was nothing to say. I went into a phase of introspection. I now feel I was making films lately with a certain frivolous even callous attitude."

Verma also said “I was also making press statements for effect, for shock value. I decided to keep quiet for a while. High time I stopped talking stupidly.

Asked what lesson he has learnt from 'Aag', Varma said: "That I need to get it right. Ramesh Sippy was right. I was foolish to attempt 'Sholay' the way I did. At some point of time when I'm ready, I want to do it again. This time I won't make the same mistakes."

Mr. Verma is presently busy in shooting his new film ‘Contract’ in Mumbai and Bangkok. The another film ‘Sarkar Raj’ with Amitabh Bachchan, Avishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is going to be released on coming May.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shahrukh again on Television?

Shahrukh Khan will be back soon on television with ‘Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain’ the game show will have adults competing with sharp-minded kids in terms of their capability to answer school grade level questions. SRK said in an interview ''I don't think it would be right for one to call 'KBC3' or 'Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain' as my comeback to television. I never went away from television in the first place. Infact, I am coming on television for the 11th time since I did the serial 'Fauji' years ago. In any case, my endeavour is always to entertain people be it on TV, stage show or films,''

Shahrukh is very much thankful to television. '' Whatever I have become or achieved today has been largely because of television. As a movie actor, I became what I have become, thanks to television. I owe my life to television and stage and, of course movies now,'' SRK said.

SRK will be the teacher of class five with very energetic kids. Adult contestants will be posted ten questions from grade level one to five. The lucky winner will get enormous prize money of Rs. 5 crore. The game show is going to be aired on Star Plus with Siddharth Basu’s concept.

Shahrukh also said ''It was the educational aspect attached to the show that had my excited about it. I am sure that watching the show, children of my son's age would also want to come on the show which in turn will generate in them a curiosity to increase their general awareness'' .

Monday, February 18, 2008

Karan Johar’s next film ‘Khan’

‘Khan’, Karan Johar’s next film starring bollywood’s king Shahrukh Khan. The theme of this film is quite different from Karan’s other films. Terrorism is the main subject of Karan Johar’s next film ‘Khan’. As per Karan “Unlike my other films, my next directorial venture goes into an area that I need to get completely right before going on the floors. I’m therefore in the US for three weeks meeting people from various religious, social and humanitarian organisations. None of my films so far have required me to go much beyond my imagination.”
As per current bollywood news the film will be without any songs. This will be Karan’s first film which will shoot without any songs whereas other films of Karan Johar are also famous for the big hit songs. Karan Johar has not yet revealed the story of this film. Still it has been undecided that who will do the leading actress role Rani Mukherjee, Kareena Kapoor or Preity Zinta. So, we’ve to wait to see whether ‘Khan’ is going to be one of the best bollywood movies like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ (a Blockbuster movie of Karan Johar) or Karan Johar will be unable to prove his capability of making a film besides love and family story.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some moments of Jodhaa Akbar

Some beautiful moments of Jodhaa Akbar. Enjoy the video clip!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Munnabhai weds his long time girlfriend Manyata

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt gets married with his girlfriend Manyata on 11th February 2008 at the house of Pradeep, who is a mutual friend of Versova, Mumbai. Before that on 7th February they coupled in a civil ceremony under the Special Marriage Act with few friends as their witnesses.

They have submitted the declaration of their marriage to the Civil Register’s office in South Goa’s Salcette taluka.
It is the news that Dutt’s sisters Priya and Namrata did not have consent of Manyata and they haven’t attended their brother’s wedding. But, sister Priya said that she didn’t have any information about the wedding and was not invited for it. She wishes him “all the best”.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shahrukh Khan at 14th Annual Star Screen Award

See Bollywood's heart throb Shahrukh Khan at 14th Annual Star Screen Award-