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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Johnny Mastana

Amitabh Bachchan’s shoebite was always a working title to begin with. Shooting of the film is now more than 50% completed; it has got a final title for itself. The title ‘Jonny Mastana’ has been given to the film. The news has been confirmed by a reliable source attached to the film "Yes, the film finally has a title now. It would now be known as Johnny Mastana. The film's first set of teaser posters are already out and they have Johnny Mastana imprinted on them. In any case Shoebite was never a confirmed title so it can't be said that the film has gone though a title change."

But why a title like ‘Johnny Mastana’ has been chosen? While asking this question she replied “Doesn't Johnny Mastana sound more universal in nature? The film is meant for all segments of audience and Johnny Mastana gives just the right indications. We all love this title here and the moment it was first suggested, we just grabbed it with open arms."

Amitabh Bachchan needless to say is doing the leading role. Also Jimmy Sheirgill, Sarika and Dia Mirza are in the key roles. Since the film is touted to be revolving around the journey of a man across the entire nation, it involves numerous location changes.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deepika and Bachna Ae Haseeno

Following are some of the interesting parts of an interview with Deepika Padukone taken from Bollywoodhungama. Deepika’s next upcoming film is ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ where she would be seen with her real life boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika’s debut film was ‘Om Shanti om’ a blockbuster movie with Bollywood’s superstar Shahrukh Khan. That was SRK’s production ‘Red Chillies’. Now the second one is ‘Yash Raj Films’. So starting from now Deepika is still getting strong platforms. In ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ Ranbir has also two other heroines Bipasha Basu and Minissha Lamba. Read the following what Deepika things about the film, what about her special feelings in acting together with his boyfriend and some other issues-

How different is it to be working with your off screen boyfriend on screen?

It doesn't really make much of a difference because at the end of the day when you're working and you're a part of the film, you are not really looking at whether he is your boyfriend or not because you're in your work space at that moment.

While Siddharth Anand's previous two films were big hits, Ranbir's Saawariya was a complete no-no. Will Bachna Ae Haseeno be Siddharth's hat-trick of hits and Ranbir's first big hit?

Most definitely. That's what I believe. I think we all have worked really hard but more than us, Ranbir and Siddharth have worked that little extra to add in the best in the film. I hope and pray that they both get what they want from Bachna Ae Haseeno.

As far as the pairing goes, don't you think Bipasha and Minissha are a bit of a mis-match combo for Ranbir?

(Laughs) I am not in charge of casting here. But the way the story is, the script goes, there are other characters required in the film and both Bipasha and Minissha have done a great job in the film, whatever little I have seen of the film. That's all I can say.

Brief us about your experience with Ranbir in different cities around the world you've travelled for the film.

Well, I only got to work with him in Sydney and then for the song 'Khuda Jaane' in Italy. So both were great experiences. In Sydney, we were there for almost 25 days and there we were shooting the scenes. Italy was great fun too. It was 10 days of shooting this lovely romantic song in these beautiful locations. I don't think I would have discovered this beautiful place had we not shot this song there and now since we have discovered it, it's a place I would like to go for a holiday or honeymoon. The most exciting part of shooting this song was that we would shoot everyday and travel in the evening to another location set up in the next place and shoot again the whole day, I don't think anyone has ever travelled so much to shoot one song.

'Khuda Jaane' sung by Kay Kay is slowly steadily topping the charts and we know that the song means a lot to you and Ranbir.

The fact that both Ranbir and me are in love makes the song even more special because shooting the song made it lot more easier. It was a nice experience because it was the first time that we both were shooting for a romantic song together. I'm so glad that Vishal and Shekhar have managed to compile such a beautiful song for us with meaningful lyrics.

Have you shared screen space with Bipasha and Minissha in Bachna Ae Haseeno?

No. We've shot for a promotional song together and you will see all of four of us together but apart from that I'm not really in charge of creative. I agreed to do the film because I liked the character and a bit of the script that was narrated to me. I wanted to be a part of this film and I did what I wanted to do.

The last time I saw your dad, Mr. Prakash Padukone, was in London for your films premiere. How much of him takes over your decision to choose or not to choose the film you do?

A lot. I talk to my parents everyday and every move that I make, every endorsement that I do, every film that I do and my everyday activities are all discussed with them. My parents just don't prefer being in the limelight. They prefer being in the back seat and taking care of my career. My dad handles my finances. Today I wouldn't have been here had my parents not supported me the way they have.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Salman upsets about his spat with Shahrukh

Bollywood star Salman Khan is quite upset about his spat with Shahrukh khan. He has got tremendously disturbed on Media, the way they covered it and also about the general politics of the industry. Salman Khan insisted his fans to just ignore the news or negative comments which are passing now.

Salman wrote his blog "For the next few days you will hear and read a lot of s**t about me, a lot of it. Keep on reading it, but don't react to it. I don't". He added "Read all the negatives and read till they get tired of writing. Everyone goes through this, but not for long. I say just look good, feel good and do good, that's it."

Salman and Shahrukh had a splat during the star-studded birthday party of actress Katrina Kaif on July 16. Salman Khan reportedly instigated SRK by speaking about the reality show he is hosting- 'Dus Ka Dum'. During talking about his game show Salman was telling that his show has garnered more TRPs than Shah Rukh Khan’s show 'Kya aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?' He also said that despite being a superstar Shahrukh couldn’t get able to make his show a hit.

Regarding politics, Salman said “developing trend in the industry is not to celebrate other's success”. Salman also added “Every time another person is successful there will be someone trying to pull him down. You don't increase your own efforts to become successful but try to always decrease someone else's success. That is the mantra of the industry”.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is Akki felt sad with Vipul Shah?

Vipul Shah, once who started many glorious association with Akshay Kumar in ‘Aankhen’, ‘Waqt’, ‘Namastey London’ and also in upcoming movie ‘Singh Is Kinng’, is now starting his new project ‘London Dreams’ with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan. Now the question is coming that is there any relationship problem commenced between Akki and Vipul Shah?

When asked to Vipul Shah he replied “Akki is not the type to crib”. He also said "I even narrated the script of 'London Dreams' to Akki and he has been very gracious. So much so that he said that he would be there if I ever needed him. He even said that since the script is so good, I better ensure that our next film together would've a better script than 'London Dreams."


Director Tapan Sinha gets Phalke award

Veteran Bengali film Director Tapan Sinha has been selected for the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award for the year 2006.

Director Tapan Sinha who is 84 now, has won 19 National Film awards. He would be given a Swarna Kamal, cash prize of Rs 10 lakh and a shawl by the President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil. Tapan Sinha started his career in Kolkata’s new theatre in 1946. Some of his greatest creations are ‘Kabuliwala’, ‘Khudito Pashaan’, ‘Atithi’, ‘Upahar’, ‘Haatey Bazarey’, ‘Sagina Mahato’, ‘Bancharamer Bagan’.

The renowned film maker got the opportunity to work in UK in the year 1950 at Pinewood studio, and after working for 2 years over there he returned to India and started making films on Bengali, Hindi and Oriya.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Three Superstars in reality shows

Bollywood’s three big superstars are now getting deeply involved in reality shows. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and now Akshay Kumar; the three superstars are now transferring to small screen.

Shahrukh Khan is hosting a game show ‘Kya aap paanchvi pass se tez hain’ from last 25th April. Here Shahrukh is the tele teacher. Contestants have to answer to shahrukh. Also there are first fifth classmates on hand if the contestants need help. There is an attractive offer of Rs. 5 crore! If they can answer all questions correct they can take the money to home.

Salman khan is hosting a reality show of Rs.10 crore in Dus ka Dum – Ab India sochega percentage mein. Here you’ve to think like the people of India. A huge opinion poll was conducted for the show and the average answer is the question’s answer.

Now after SRK and Salman Khan its time for Akki- Akshay Kumar. He is going to host the Indian version of Fear Factor, Khatro ke Khiladi. What Akshay said about the show? "I am very excited about it, I got lots of offers earlier also to come on TV shows but nevertheless I was waiting for something like that to come. This is where I belong.” He added “Yes I will be performing some of the stunts for the show and trying to show the contestants how do it and try to help them.”

Not only Akshay Kumar, but there are huge models and stars are also participating in ‘Khatro ke Khiladi’ like Yana Gupta, Pooja Bedi, Aditi Govitrikar, Sonali Kulkarni, Tapur Chatterjee, Tupur Chatterjee, Sayali Bhagat, Nethra Raghuraman, Anjana Sukjani, Dipannita Sharma, Payal Rohtagi, Meghna Naidu and Dipannita Sharma taking part.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sardar look of Akshay Kumar in SINGH IS KING

Akshay Kumar is now all set to prove that he is indeed the King of Bollywood. Last year he gave a branch of hit movies like Namastey London, Heyy Babyy, Bhul Bhulaiyaa, and Welcome. Now all are eagerly waiting to see Akshay Kumar in his forthcoming film ‘Singh is King’ with his Sardar look. He will be seen with Katrina Kaif again in this film after a big success of ‘Namastey London’ and ‘Welcome’. It’s a Vipul Shah film directed by Anees Bazmee. His character in this film is called ‘Happy Singh’.

Click each thumbnail image to get its large view-

Mamu and Bhanja both in ‘Delhi Belly’

After achieving success in ‘Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na’, the bollywood superstar has decided to cast the young star Imran Khan in his next home production. The actor Ranbir Kapoor initially had been selected for the film ‘Delhi Belly’ but later as he walked out of the film Aamir has started selecting a new one.

Aamir is also expected to play a role in the film and his character in the movie is said to be a negative one. The shooting of the film is likely to begin the next month.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Afzal Khan’s ‘God Tussi Great Ho’

Rumi Jafry’s directional movie produced by Afzal Khan ‘God Tussi Great Ho’ has been scheduled for 15th August release. This movie has huge starcastings; Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Manisha Koirala, Anupam Kher, Satish kaushik, Sanjay Mishra and others. The film has romantic story with full comedies. Following is a video shot of the film ‘God Tussi Great Ho’.